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What's New:
24x30; Airbrush/Acrylic on stretched canvas
May 2013
Original: NFS
Currently on display at:
The Beauty Parlor - Airport Plaza, Des Moines
10/26/13 Halloween Party Murder Mystery Clue:
Sebastian Seward (Malachai's Butler)

1.) Your overheard Malachai talking to Edwin about his will several
nights ago.

2.) Uncle Edwin knew where the keys to the safe were kept.

3.) You wear size 13 shoes - much larger than the muddy boots that
the killer wore; ergo, it couldn't have been you!
News & Notes:
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There's always great opportunities to own original artwork via my
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some larger pieces there too, in Best Offer format.

Currently, I'm working on many new studies and paintings of all sizes.
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"Beach Bunny"
18x24; Airbrush/Acrylic on
stretched canvas +
handmade float frame
Currently on display at:
Harold Golen Gallery
Miami, FL
"Peppermint Twist"
16x20; Airbrush/Acrylic on
stretched canvas
Original: $250.00
email for more info!